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Perinatal Continuum of Care

We all have a role to play in helping families find the supports they need to thrive

The perinatal period, the time during pregnancy and the first year after delivery, is a critical time to support the health and well-being of parents, caregivers, babies, and families. The Perinatal Continuum of Care illustrates the various services that families may encounter and describes opportunities to promote or address perinatal mental health across these service sectors. It encourages providers from across sectors to recognize and embrace their role in supporting perinatal mental health and highlights available resources so that providers can help families connect with the supports they need.


Our vision is that families in our community are resilient and thriving, with their mental health needs prioritized and met during pregnancy and early parenting. When pregnant parents and families with young children are struggling, we alleviate stress by providing emotional support and connection to additional resources. By committing to support mental health in the perinatal period, we create pathways to family well-being.


To navigate the Perinatal Continuum of Care, simply click on the sections of the Continuum below and a box will pop up with information and links to resources. The cross cutting strategies that surround the Continuum of Care can be applied by providers, organizations, and communities to improve perinatal mental health and more information is provided when you click. You can also download the PDF.

Want to learn how to provide the Toolkit for Action Workshop for your sector or organization? View the recording below and email for access to the Sector Champion materials.