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Who We Are

About the Collaborative and Framework

Colorado has taken steps to improve the mental health of pregnant and postpartum people, yet there is still much work to be done to ensure all families are resilient and thriving. The Collaborative & Framework is a central source for Coloradans to effectively collaborate, take action, and accelerate progress toward improved mental health and wellness of all pregnant and postpartum people in Colorado. 

click image to view the full Framework [PDF]

What is the Framework?

The Framework is intended as a guiding, unifying document and source to support any and all stakeholders across Colorado to:

  • better align work in maternal mental health,
  • unite under a shared vision and set of goals,
  • enhance impact, and
  • build stronger collaborations and advocacy.

The Framework aims to overcome barriers to connecting referrals and services, collecting data to support work, and creating policy change. Additionally, the Framework provides a way to “talk” about perinatal mental health efforts in Colorado and is a tool for orienting organizations, coalitions, and broader spokespeople to these shared objectives.

Please note, the Framework is not intended as a resource for families or caregivers. If you are seeking care or support for yourself or a loved one, help is available. Visit the Need Help Now? page for links to information and resources.

This work benefits from your voice, ideas, questions, contributions and stories. Visit the Take Action page to see how you can participate in this effort, stay engaged, and access tools to support your work.

What is the Collaborative?

The Collaborative is a strong network of diverse stakeholders from across Colorado working together to support maternal mental health. The Collaborative supports the work of varied professionals, advocates, and organizations in their perinatal mental health efforts. The Framework is not owned by any single organization. The Collaborative is a collective effort building partnerships and fostering conversations and collaborations. Together we hold ourselves accountable to ensure the mental health needs of pregnant and postpartum people are met and prioritized through policy, community and systemic support. The Collaborative represents numerous sectors and areas of expertise including, but not limited to: behavioral health, community advocates, faith-based leaders, employers, early care & education, health care, philanthropy, public health, public policy, and state & local government.


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Who is Involved with the Collaborative?

The Collaborative is a collective impact effort comprised of more than 30 organizations with diverse and critical experience and roles in supporting perinatal mental health and wellness. The current structure includes several levels of stakeholder engagement and leadership. The Colorado Maternal Mental Health Framework Collaborative Leadership Team consists of participants representing numerous sectors and areas of expertise related to perinatal mental health. The Collaborative strives to share the strengths of stakeholders and bring all voices to the table in concerted action through collaboration, communication, and data-informed evaluation.