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Core Values

We are guided by five core values:

  • We partner ‘with’ rather than ‘doing for’ women and families.
  • We honor and engage the pregnant and postpartum person’s experience and needs.
  • We build on the strengths and acknowledge the needs of parents and children together.
  • We integrate social, emotional and physical health.
  • We recognize the impact of larger social, environmental and economic factors.

Equity is at the center of everything we do.

Colorado’s Maternal Mental Health Collaborative & Framework acknowledges that systemic social, economic and environmental factors drive health outcomes for individuals and communities. The Collaborative is actively working to build an equitable mental health system that is flexible and responsive to the differing needs and desires of all families. Achieving systemic equity ensures that all pregnant and postpartum people have the economic, social and political power and resources needed to support their wellbeing and to make healthy decisions for themselves, their families and their communities.

The Collaborative recognizes that achieving systemic equity begins with building inclusive leadership structures that redistribute opportunity and power. In establishing the Colorado Maternal Mental Health Collaborative and Framework Leadership Team, this means actively recruiting, retaining, and supporting individuals that represent the diversity of Colorado communities. Within our larger network of partners, this means an ongoing commitment to action in achieving equitable access and care in the mental health systems that have been tasked with serving all pregnant and postpartum people in Colorado.