The perinatal period, the time during pregnancy and the first year after delivery, is a critical time to support the health and wellbeing of parents, caregivers, babies and families. The Perinatal Continuum of Care illustrates the various services and supports that families may encounter and describes opportunities to promote or address perinatal mental health across these services. It encourages providers from a variety of service areas to recognize and embrace their role in supporting perinatal mental health and highlights available resources so that providers can help families connect with the supports they need to be resilient and thriving.


Our vision is that families in our community are resilient and thriving, with their mental health needs prioritized and met during pregnancy and early parenting. When pregnant parents and families with young children are struggling, we alleviate stress by providing emotional support and connection to additional resources. By committing to support mental health in the perinatal period, we create pathways to family wellbeing.

How to Access

To navigate the Perinatal Continuum of Care from your desktop, tablet or mobile device, simply click on the sections of the Continuum below and a box will pop up with corresponding information and links to resources. You can also download the full PDF using the blue button below.

Download a Copy of the Continuum of Care Tool in EnglishDescargue una Copia de la Herramienta para Atención Continua Perinatal en Español

Show Support & Be an Advocate

“Perinatal” refers to the time during pregnancy and early parenting, a critical period for promoting mental health and wellness of families in our community. Any contact during the perinatal period is an opportunity to support mental health and wellbeing. Together, we can:

  • Commit to playing a role in supporting perinatal mental health
  • Create opportunities to educate families about perinatal mental health 
  • Support perinatal mental health by giving compassionate care at every interaction 
  • Connect families to community resources  
  • Fight to eliminate barriers created by stigma, fear and inequities  
  • Implement enrollment, engagement, and shared decision making processes that work for all families
  • Advocate for policies that lift up women, children and families

Key Resources

All of us play a role in helping families connect with services. For support navigating resources, contact:

The Perinatal Continuum of Care was created by the Perinatal Mental Health Action Network convened by Denver Public Health and Tri-County Health Department. Please contact Kelly Stainback-Tracy or Emma Goforth for more information, and to share feedback or suggestions for additional resources.

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