About the Colorado Maternal Mental Health Collaborative & Framework

Click on the animated video below for an overview of the Framework.

What is the purpose of the Maternal Mental Health Framework?

The Maternal Mental Health (MMH) Framework is intended as a guiding, unifying document that allows any and all stakeholders across Colorado to:

  1. better align work in maternal mental health,
  2. unite under a shared vision and set of goals,
  3. enhance impact, and
  4. build stronger collaborations and advocacy.

Similarly, the framework provides a way to “talk” about maternal mental health efforts in Colorado and is a tool for orienting organizations, coalitions, and broader spokespeople to these shared objectives.

Who is the intended audience for the Framework?

The audience is broadly defined as stakeholders in Colorado.  The intention is to provide the structure for a “big tent” of interested allies in this space.  

How was the MMH Framework created?

In 2018, a group of stakeholders developed a guiding framework for all Coloradans to support effective collaboration, impactful action, and accelerated progress toward improved maternal mental health (MMH). As the collaborative effort moves forward, the Framework will guide tracking of outcomes related to maternal mental health, strengthen the case for funding for maternal mental health, inform policy efforts, and streamline stakeholder efforts to improve maternal mental health across the state.

Who is involved with the MMH Framework?

The MMH Framework Collaborative Leadership Group consists of participants representing numerous sectors and areas of expertise related to maternal mental health including, but not limited to: behavioral health, community advocacy, early care & education, health care, philanthropy, public health, public policy, and state & local government. The group is supported by a steering committee that focuses on coordination, strategic direction, and decision-making, as well as four workgroups: Communications, Measurement and Assessment, Policy and Financing, and Programs and Services.